KingCurls is reimagining the way boys, teens and young adult males care for their hair. We are committed to providing healthy hair solutions for boys with a spectrum of curl patterns. 



At the age of 16, Khalil had a vision to help teenagers with textured and curly hair find a solution to their dry hair problems. As a young male who’s faced similar challenges growing up, he became intrigued by the science of haircare and took action to create a morning, curly hair routine that supported his goals of attaining soft, manageable, healthy hair.  Grooming and self-care ultimately became his central focus on his never-ending search to finding products that worked for his unruly hair.  

One of the major challenges he faced was finding products in stores that represented young males that looked like him. Most, if not all of the hair and beauty isles were filled with brands that targeted women or older men with beards. Without any other options, he began using his mom, aunt and cousins hair products to style his hair and began trending on TikTok with content garnering millions of views.

In 2019, he was coined as “The CEO of Hair’ and has become a formidable player in a space predominately targeted to women.

Khalil continues to break gender barriers with his brand aimed to normalize a narrative that males should practice self- care & take pride in the health of their hair. This teen entrepreneur believes that the self - care industry shouldn’t be gender exclusive. He believes that men should also feel confident and empowered from their hair.

KingCurls is now a lifestyle brand that symbolizes a celebratory measure for all young men with unconventional hair textures to embrace their curls as it is a reflection of their power and unique identity.